Governance structure

The governing bodies of the EAA are the Supervisory Board (Verwaltungsrat), the Managing Board (Vorstand) and the stakeholders’ meeting (Trägerversammlung).

The Supervisory Board consists of twelve members. Eleven members are appointed by the stakeholders’ meeting. The state of NRW nominates five members, SVWL and RSGV each nominate two, and LWL and LVR each nominate one. The Finance Agency, acting on behalf of the FMS, delegates one member. The Supervisory Board members vote on a chairman and a deputy chairman based on the candidates proposed by NRW.

The FMSA has the right to participate in meetings of the Supervisory Board by sending a guest member. Guest members have no right to vote on resolutions.

The Supervisory Board must consult with and advise the EAA’s Managing Board and supervise its management of operations.

It is also responsible for

  1. resolutions on deviations from the wind-up plan;
  2. appointing Managing Board members;
  3. enacting rules of procedure for the Managing Board;
  4. appointing the auditor;
  5. adopting the final accounts.

In individual cases or generally, the Supervisory Board may also reserve the right to adopt resolutions on matters of particular significance, even though it might usually be a matter for the Managing Board.

The Managing Board comprises at least two members, who are appointed by the Supervisory Board with the consent from the for a term not exceeding five years: reappointment is permitted.

The stakeholders-meeting is made up of representatives of the stakeholders.

The stakeholders-meeting is responsible for

  1. appointing the members of the Supervisory Board;
  2. adopting the annual financial statements of the EAA;
  3. approving the actions of the members of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board;
  4. approving the entry into control and profit and loss transfer agreements;
  5. approving other decisions incumbent upon it by the EAA’s Charter.

Source: EAA Charter