Interim Report as of 30 September 2018

EAA again with positive figures

Düsseldorf, 15th November 2018. By the first three quarters of 2018, the EAA had already reduced the volume of loans and securities held in its portfolio by EUR 3.5 billion and the notional volume of the trading portfolio by EUR 19.3 billion. It is therefore already clear that it will not only reach its winding-up targets for the current fiscal year but will probably surpass them.

The result achieved after three quarters remains positive, with net profit after taxes amounting to EUR 1.3 million. Although net interest result and net fee and commission result continued to decline due to the ongoing winding down of the portfolio, this was offset once again by an improved trading result and positive effects from the reversal of write-offs, through recoveries from written-off receivables and cost reductions.